Here's some information on accessibility in relation to the Young Scot Extra website.

Young Scot wants to make this website as accessible as possible to all young people in Scotland. One of the ways of doing this is to make sure the Extra website is designed in a way that makes sure that young people using different types of web browsers can use the site. For example blind or partially sighted young people use speech-based browsers where content from a website is read out to them.

Young Scot Extra features the option to adjust the text size of the website.  At the top right hand corner of the website you will find the option to make the text size larger. 

Young Scot Extra currently uses alt text in all images added to the site to ensure users of speech-based browsers can access the information in images. 

Young Scot is currently working hard to add additional accessiblity features to the Young Scot Extra website.  We hope to add these features in the near future.

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